PP Nonwoven Recycledrpet Uncoated Coated Laminated Foldable Recyclable Plastic Printed Tote Carry Handle Plastic Shopping Bag

Quick Details · Material: HDPE · Industrial Use: Supermarket/Promotion/Boutique/Grocery, etc · Feature: Durable/Perfect Printing, Easy open, 5-10KG or More · Surface Handling: Gravure Printing · Sealing & Handle: bottom sealed · Custom Order: Accept

Product Details
We have many years of research and development history, advanced technology, mature and stable products, thus ensuring that the plastic t shirt bags, t shirt carryout bags, t shirt plastic bags have advanced processes and also have good applicability. With facilities for R&D, design, manufacturing, and testing, we provide one-stop solutions that maximize convenience and minimize lead time. Under the premise of ensuring product quality, we continue to increase production and contribute to our customers. Active communication and cooperation with peers and improved innovation capacity are the driving force behind the sound and stable development of our company. We set professional service standards, realize every promise to customers, and truly be timely. We are willing to be kind to others, to show the value of our own existence and at the same time to contribute ourselves to the society.


Easy open is a unique feature of T-shirt bags that enables 2nd bag to automatically open when cashier pulls out the 1st bag. Using our own patented technology, we can offer such bags for groceries and stores that use take-out T-shirt bags.

Quick Details

Item: Easy open T -shirt bag

Material: HDPE
Industrial Use: Supermarket/Promotion/Boutique/Grocery, etc
Surface Handling: Gravure Printing
Sealing & Handle: bottom sealed
Custom Order: Accept
Size&Thickness: Customized based on your requirement
Printing Color: Customized up to 6 colors
Design/Printing: Free & Custom Design


Robust and easy to carry, this T-shirt bag is made from high-density materials that make it durable and recyclable. Even if these bags are light, they can still prevent tearing and puncture. Because these bags have gussets on both sides, they provide extra storage for large items.

Our Advantages

•    Good mixture of equipment capacity to accommodate customer needs

•    Strong technical staff to provide solutions for customers

•    Zero anti-dumping duty for shopping bags into US market

•    Fast response to customer needs

•    Good quality control system and knowledge learned from various plant audits



Under the support of our customers, we continue to develop new PP Nonwoven Recycledrpet Uncoated Coated Laminated Foldable Recyclable Plastic Printed Tote Carry Handle Plastic Shopping Bag and research new technologies and strive to create better products for our customers. We implement real-time recycling of leftover materials and defective products, greatly improving economic benefits. Our company has made in-depth reforms in key links such as system and mechanism innovation and professional company development to improve operational efficiency.
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