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Ziplock Bags More Convenient Recycling For The Benefit Of Human Life

Feb 23, 2017

Ziplock bag heat of polyurethane elastomer with high tear strength, usually up to 10 times of natural rubber. But the high temperature resistance of hinges is poor, environment temperature is higher than on the decline. Electrical properties due to thermal elastomer polyurethane casein has some hydrophilic properties, absorb little moisture the air and falling insulation. Restrictions on use in high insulation thermoplastic elastomers among dead in things such as butadiene. In most cases, plastic raw materials are made of new materials. But for some less demanding products, people tend to use renewable raw materials for plastic production. This can reduce costs on the one hand, on the recycling of plastic materials can be achieved.

Environment-friendly. Most of the heat reason plastic is recyclable, as usual, recycled material for injection molding products are some of the more clean, aging degree water of plastic. There are two main sources. Plastic factory scrap generated in the production process, waste and defective products, packing size and shape on the surface properties of plastics Zhu some influence, globose, usually improve cube-shaped and l performance, but poor mechanical strength, 16 Flake is the opposite, more fine particle of polymer stiffness, impact, lazhong strength and appearance improvement. Filler can cause some performance degradation of polymers, such as powdery fillers to make plastic tensile strength, tear strength and resistance to low temperature drop.

Plastic bag recycling methods for melting recycled, this method is to reuse the waste plastic heating plasticization, such methods are divided into two categories: one is the resin plant scrap, it is a simple method of regeneration, better to melt can be made from recycled plastic products. Mix after the other is through the use of a variety of plastics recycling, this method can only reproduce some of the relatively poor performance of plastic products.

Plastic bag recycling method two: energy recovery. Energy recovery means to recover the heat generated by the burning of waste plastics, used in other areas.

Plastic bag recycling method: pyrolysis, is the selection of waste plastics by pyrolysis of burning oil and gas.