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What Is Biodegradable Bag?

Jun 20, 2017

   Biodegradable bags for the promotion of green packaging to promote the packaging of bags, after the use of waste in the natural conditions of the environment, the rapid pollution-free degradation, the introduction of advanced plastic bags (PE, PP, PS materials) products degradation of international D2W oxidation Biodegradable plastics technology, EPI complete production of degradation technology, TDP degradation and other advanced technologies. D2W Oxidative Biodegradable Plastics Technology

   The use of the world's most advanced and environmentally friendly d2w oxidation biodegradable plastic decomposition technology is through the United States ASTM6954 standard (pre-oxidized biodegradable), in the PE, PP, PS plastic raw materials, plastic bags, bags after use, Such as discarded in the general biological environment, can be naturally decomposed into water, carbon dioxide and cell biomass, and will not remain organic polymer in the soil.Biodegradable Bag

  The principle is that by adding a little (usually 1%) d2w oxidative biodegradation to add several mineral salt ions in the particles, allowing the plastic to split into small pieces in the case of oxygen, which will continue until small Debris is decomposed into substances with a molecular weight less than 5000 that can be completely decomposed by microorganisms in the general biological environment. At this point the plastic is no longer plastic. (Source cited in the original technology)

EPI biodegradation, biodegradation technology (let the plastic really become green materials)Biodegradable Bag

  Many large supermarkets in North America and Australia indicate products that contain EPI biodegradable plastic additives. And as early as 2007, although China is a plastic packaging products export power, but the plastic packaging products are not related to epi degradation technology reference, the so-called environmentally friendly plastic plastic bags packaging products, but empty its name. To promote the real green packaging to meet the domestic market demand,Biodegradable Bag

   EPI fully oxidized biodegradable additives is the best cost-effective in the market, to achieve the lowest cost of fully degradable plastic products program, the choice of EPI products only increase the cost of 10 to 20%, but the cost of new materials has increased by 1 to 2 times. EPI is the world's pioneer and leader in oxidative biodegradable plastics technology. TDP (Totally Degradable Plastics) can completely degrade the decomposition of plastic. TDP plastic products, in the ultraviolet light, heat, pressure under the natural conditions of the state can be oxidative decomposition, the plastic broken into low molecular weight fragments, and then through microbial decomposition, and finally into carbon dioxide, water and organic matter. And the whole decomposition process, and will not release any toxic substances. TDP is 100% environmentally friendly plastic products.Biodegradable Bag