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Three-side Sealing Bag

Aug 13, 2017

            Company specializing in the production of food bags, vacuum bags, cooking bags, aluminum foil bags, self-reliance bags, zipper bags, large three-side sealing bag (size of 90-150 cm), four-sided sealing bag, five-side sealing bag, back-sealing bag, multi-functional special-shaped bag, composite bag, and sanitary towel bag, wet towel bag, wallet bag, handbag, clothing bag, paper bag, carton, color box, self-adhesive and other paper and plastic products.Side Seal Bag

            In the rapid development of science and Technology today, the company leaders put forward "with the Times, pioneering and innovative" new concept. To update the technology, the concept of renewal, everywhere embodies the urgent feeling of excellence. Believe that the science and technology leading premise, technology excellent for the protection of Rui-Li Company, in the new century will certainly overcome the challenges, seize the opportunity, and old and new partners to join hands in creating a brilliant tomorrow.Side Seal Bag

            Three-side sealing bag has good barrier, moisture-proof, low heat sealing, high transparency, color printing can be 1 to 9 colors. Often used in daily necessities composite packaging bags, cosmetic compound bag, toy compound bag, gift compound bag, metal compound bag, garment compound bag, complex packing bag, electronic product compound bag, jewelry and jewelry compound bag, sports equipment compound packing bag and so on.Side Seal Bag