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The Use Of Plastic Bags

Feb 23, 2017

The State Council issued a notice about the limitation of production and sale and use of plastic shopping bags, and notification requirements in all supermarkets, shopping malls, markets and other retail sites to implement system of paid use of plastic shopping bags, are not allowed to provide free plastic shopping bags.

Besides passenger trains, passenger ships, buses, planes, stations, airports and tourist attractions is also not allowed to visitors, visitors with ultra-thin plastic shopping bags (bags).

Must clearly encourage firms to provide free plastic shopping bags bags

Plastic shopping bags must be clearly marked and a separate collection. Notification requirements, retail establishments, provide free or contain plastic grocery bags in merchandise price charged. And related departments will develop merchandise retail outlets, specific measures for the administration of the paid use of plastic shopping bags, and gradually form a paid use of plastic shopping bags in the market environment.

Notification advocates carrying cloth bags, basket again, repeated use of durable shopping bags, reducing the use of plastic bags, while enterprises should also be simplified packaging, green, environmentally-friendly bags. Notice also encourages enterprises and social forces to provide people with free cloth bags reusable shopping bags.

Nationwide ban on the production and sale of ultra-thin plastic bags from June 1, 2008, tax policy to discourage waste plastic pollution, across the country will also ban the production, sale and use of plastic shopping bags less than 0.025 mm thick (thin plastic shopping bags).

In 2008 from June 1, major shopping malls in the country will implement the paid use of plastic bags, customers must pay for plastic bags to stop the proliferation of plastic bags.

The State administration for industry and Commerce issued on March 28 "plastic limit order" rectification notice, which means the "51" check before shopping malls supermarkets, markets, and does not indicate price selling plastic bags, not on the sales voucher individually labeled plastic bag price 5 kinds of violations.