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The Standard Of Plastic Shopping Bag Is Basically Finished

Aug 28, 2017

                 According to the draft of "plastic shopping bag", this standard defines the definition and terminology of plastic shopping bags, requirements, inspection rules and packaging, transportation, storage, will be applicable to a variety of plastic raw materials and their mixture (additives) produced by the film, heat or bonding, such as bag processing process made of plastic shopping bags, but also suitable for plastic and other materials composite shopping bags.Plastic Shopping Bags

                 Among them, the plastic shopping bag is defined as the main raw material made of resin, in sales, services and other places used for goods, such as clothing, and used for carrying the bag products. In the draft, the thickness must be greater than or equal to 0. 025 mm, the thickness limit deviation and the thickness mean deviation are also listed.Plastic Shopping Bags

                 According to the draft, direct contact with the food plastic shopping bags should be true, other plastic shopping bag body is generally natural or white, but also other colors; plastic shopping bags do not allow the use of air bubbles, perforation, plastic bad, fish eye stiff block and other defects, bag film should be uniform, flat, no wrinkles; printing plastic shopping bags should be uniform ink, pattern, text clear, complete, overprinter accurate, overprinter error should be less than 1 mm, printing stripping rate is less than 20%.Plastic Shopping Bags

                 Soliciting comments also on the plastic shopping bag lifting capacity, sealing strength, leakage and other physical and mechanical properties, as well as plastic shopping bags packaging, transportation and storage requirements. Soliciting comments in accordance with the general technical requirements of the environment, safety and labeling of plastic shopping bags, the logo of plastic shopping bag should need to be clear the name of bag, such as ordinary plastic shopping bag, degradable plastic shopping bag, starch-based plastic shopping bag, direct contact with plastic shopping bag of food, and the standard number, specification and sign of plastic shopping bag. Plastic Shopping Bags