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The Development And Application Of Soft Loop Handle Bags In The Market

Sep 14, 2017

     Following the daily packaging of paper and iron portable bags (drums, boxes, cans), it is now almost the dominant market for plastic handbag products, represented by polyethylene (which was invented in Germany in 1930). After half a century of production, marketing, application, its style has been from the initial network and barrel to three-side sealing and drilling hand-held, etc., the variety has reached more than hundreds of. This is because the packaging is thin and transparent, light and not permeable, folding and easy to carry, high strength and low cost characteristics, by people's favor, and to consumers with greater choice and market adjustment space. Soft Loop Handle Bags

     Packaging and printing industry has lost no chance in its style, decoration design, big brains, to promote the extrusion blow molding polyethylene bag, to the poly-plastic calendering, rolling and glazing or laminating methods, so that the soft packaging of plastic bag more than a new, a more than a style of beauty, a more inexpensive, fast, simple, Clean and close to the public life, won the people's wide acclaim, is increasingly recognized by consumers, has become a packaging industry, a beautiful landscape-the economic industry chain. Soft Loop Handle Bags

     Since the advent of polyethylene has been more than more than 70 years of history, today has affected the development of the technology industry chain of the main problems: no longer the government's preferential policy, but a deep market of the complete system, the formulation and realization of incentive system. is called the third kind of waste plastic packaging waste, people used to think, "white pollution" source mainly from plastic packaging waste, especially the hand-held plastic bags are ranked among the culprit.Soft Loop Handle Bags