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Technical Standard For Plastic Shopping Bags

Aug 13, 2017

            Color direct contact with the food plastic shopping bag should be the true colors. Other plastic shopping bag ontology is generally true or white, or other colors. Appearance does not allow the use of air bubbles, perforation, plastic bad, fish eye stiffness and other defects. Bag film should be uniform, flat, no crease. Printing quality printing plastic shopping bags should be uniform ink, pattern, text clear, complete, overprinter accurate, overprinter error should be less than 1mm, printing stripping rate is less than 20%.Plastic Shopping Bags

             Physical and mechanical properties should conform to table 3 and table 4 requirements. Table 3 physical and mechanical properties requirements Project indicators lifting test three bags without rupture drop test three bags without rupture leakage three bags no leakage sealing strength See table 4 Dart Impact non rupture number ≥8 table 4 sealing strength required nominal load, kg sealing strength, n/15m4≤e<6 6.06≤e<10 8.0 ≥ 10 10.0.Plastic Shopping Bags

             thickness and deviation the thickness of the plastic shopping bag must be ≥0.025mm. The thickness deviation rules are shown in the table below. Thickness deviation nominal thickness (e), mm thickness limit deviation, mm thickness mean deviation,% 0.025 + 0.0040 +1500.027≤e<0.030 + 0.002-0.002 +7-70.030≤e<0.035 + 0.002-0.002 +6-60.035≤e<0 040 +0 + 040-0.003 003-0.003 Note: When the plastic shopping bag is embossed or embossed, the thickness shall be determined by flattening the embossing or embossing pattern. Width and length deviation table 2 width and length deviations nominal width (w) and Length (l), mm limit deviation, mm mean deviation,%≤380±20±6380~600±25±6≥600±30±6 Note: Plastic shopping bag has folded edge, width is the width of the bag after opening the hem.Plastic Shopping Bags