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Research On Biodegradable Bag At Home And Abroad

Sep 26, 2017

     Biodegradable plastics can be divided into completely biodegradable plastics and biodegradable plastics. Completely biodegradable plastic including bacterial plastic, synthetic polymer materials (PVA, polylactic acid, etc.), natural polymer materials (starch, cellulose and other polysaccharides materials), the former both at present high cost, the latter low-cost but poor performance. Degradable biodegradable plastics include starch-filled plastics, cellulose-filled plastics, mineral-filled biodegradable plastics and masterbatch-added biodegradable plastics.Biodegradable Bag

     At home and abroad, the research hotspot of biodegradable plastics concentrates on completely biodegradable plastics. In the use of products, starch-filled plastic, general plastics and synthetic degradable plastic blends, starch and synthetic degradable plastic blend mainly, the natural polymer materials (mainly used in fast food lunch boxes) and starch filler masterbatch (mainly used in plastic film) mainly. Biodegradable Bag

    From the characteristics of product degradation, foreign products have a complete degradation of the type and collapse of bad type, in order to collapse more; domestic products in the biodegradable snack boxes to complete biodegradation mainly in the plastic film to collapse of the main, other products are a variety of situations but the dosage is much less.Biodegradable Bag

    Photo-degradable Plastics are divided into light degradable plastics and added photo-degradable plastics, which introduce oxygen-containing functional groups in macromolecular main chains or branched branches when resin is synthesized, which adds photosensitizer or transitional metal complexes to ordinary plastics. The research and application of synthetic and additive-type photo-degradable plastics are quite mature and stable in foreign countries. Domestic research and application are mainly concentrated on the addition of light degradable plastics, the technical level and foreign equivalent.Biodegradable Bag