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Plastic Components

Feb 23, 2017

We usually use plastic is not a pure substance, it is made of many materials from the preparation of the. Polymer (or synthetic) is the main component of plastic, in addition, to improve the performance of plastic, also added to the polymer a variety of supporting material, such as fillers, stabilizers, colorants, plasticizers, lubricants, to become a high performance plastic.

Synthetic resin

The main components of synthetic resins is plastic, their plastic content in 40%~100%. Due to the large content, and properties often determine plastic properties of the resin, so it is often viewed as synonymous with plastic resin. Such as phenolic resin and PVC resin and PVC plastic, bakelite confused. Resins and plastics are actually two different concepts. The original polymer resin is a raw, it is not only used to make plastics, but also paints, adhesives and synthetic materials. But a tiny part of a 100% resin and plastic, but the vast majority of plastic, in addition to the main components of the resin, and other substances.