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Plastic Bags Harm

Feb 23, 2017

Effects of agricultural development

Mixed waste plastics accumulated in the soil, will affect the crop nutrients and moisture, resulting in crop production.

Pose a threat to animals

Abandoned on land or in water, waste plastics, was swallowed by animals as food, lead to animal deaths. 20 herdsmen in Qinghai Lake last year nearly thousands of sheep deaths and economic losses of more than 300,000 yuan. Sheep like to eat wrapped in plastic bag holder of oily residues, are often eaten with plastic bags anymore, due to eating plastic stuck in the stomach to digest for a long time, these sheep's stomach was filled, no longer able to eat, end up being starved. Such things are common in the Zoo, pasture, rural, marine.

Waste plastic waste processing

Waste plastics landfill will not only take up a lot of land, land occupied and not long-term recovery, sustainable use of land. Go to waste in solid waste landfill in plastic if its 200 years to degrade it. Moreover, the oil as raw material plastic bags not only consumes a lot of resources, and cannot be broken down, buried in the ground can contaminate land, rivers.