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Plastic Bag Features

Aug 13, 2018

The invention of plastic bags has brought great convenience to human life, but more and more people do not know how to effectively use the environment, leading to the globalization of plastic bag pollution.


Compared with traditional plastic bags, the advantages of green bags:


1, water speed can be designed and selected, completely dissolved in water, non-toxic and pollution-free;


2,Stretch degree, good tension;


3, high transparency, good gloss;


4, high flexibility, good touch;


5, oil resistance, solvent resistance, heat sealable, printable;


6, low permeability, good gas barrier;


7, can add plastic buckle or self-adhesive plastic bags;


8, anti-static properties, do not vacuum and so on.


9, can be water, air, sunlight and biodegradation. Usually about a month, it can be broken down into harmless substances.