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PE Plastic Bag Standard Is Expected To Formally Implement

Feb 23, 2017

At present, only one PE plastic bag industry standards, consumer ready PE plastic bag standard in place of twists and turns. Recent news says, the new standard PE plastic bag will be formally implemented after a month.

New national standards for PE PE plastic bags bags bags and bag end printing locations have strict rules "bag from the Cup are 15 mm, body bags away from the Cup at the end of 10 mm should not be in print", so that consumers can be avoided when using disposable PE bag eating PE bag packaging printing inks, so as to improve the safety of the use of paper cups.

PE plastic bag standard for suspended more than three years is about to fall, new PE plastic bag standard is expected to be implemented on June 1. New national standard radically to PE PE plastic bags plastic bags of raw materials, additives, products, packaging, and print put forward higher requirements of industry standards.

Authority: we may be exposed when using PE bags near the mouth of the bag, not printed for 15 mm in order to better protect consumer safety. Well as bag end why not print it? because the bags at the set time, the bottom of the bag easy to rub the inside of another bag. So the following does not allow printing, which is also in order to better protect the health and safety of consumers.