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Packaging Color Printing Of Side Seal Bag

Sep 05, 2017

     China's soft packaging color printing industry has been developed for nearly 30 years, in the last 10 years, through the selective introduction of foreign advanced soft packaging materials, soft packaging color printing production technology, soft packaging processing equipment and ancillary testing equipment, ancillary equipment, etc., and constantly strengthen foreign exchange, visit learning, technical research, and fully research and development, Develop domestic soft packaging production technology and production equipment, so that China's soft packaging industry has developed rapidly.Side Seal Bag

     In some aspects, China's soft packaging production and equipment manufacturing standards have reached the international advanced level, in the production management and quality control also has a great improvement in processing technology and quality control of the same quality leap. Soft packaging Color Printing enterprises are scientific, large-scale, professional, characterized, international development, emerging a number of global soft package industry in a very competitive enterprises.Side Seal Bag

    Soft packaging color Printing enterprise scale. China has a certain scale of soft packaging color printing enterprises around 8,000, which has a sales breakthrough of 1 billion yuan of soft packaging color printing group, sales in more than 300 million of soft packaging color printing enterprises have about 25, sales in 100 million yuan of soft packaging color printing enterprises around 68. Most of the soft packaging color printing enterprises have 3 production lines, and with the corresponding film blowing, inking color matching, raw materials and finished product testing and other related facilities.     The largest soft packaging color printing enterprise production line has more than 16, which in the global soft packaging enterprises is also a handful.Side Seal Bag

    Soft packaging Color Printing industry composite materials and technology application status. Domestic soft packaging Color Printing industry composite technology has been from the traditional dry-type composite, extrusion composite extended to two, triple coextrusion die extrusion compound, wet composite, solvent-free composite, emulsion coating, $number layer of coextrusion blown film, etc. from the initial 2-layer composite material to reach up to 9 layers of composite materials The composite barrier layer material and the inner layer of the heat sealing material are also increasing.Side Seal Bag