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Market Status Of Side Seal Bag

Jul 03, 2017

     With the development of the economy, packaging has become more and more people's attention, now the packaging of products is an indispensable part of the commodity. Plastic has good physical and chemical properties, with good mechanical properties, can be arbitrary modelling, good printing and other advantages, become the first choice for packaging products. At present, the world's annual plastic production of more than 100 million tons, packaging accounted for the entire market more than 30%. The key to the rapid development of plastic packaging is that it exceeds all current materials in terms of the cost of performance of materials, however, after the use of goods, packaging is discarded, from the point of view of its recovery, this material is not easy to recycle, and not easy to decompose, a large number of discarded plastic will cause serious environmental pollution, but also caused many serious social problems. Plastic packaging waste has accounted for more than 85% of waste plastics, therefore, recycling and recycling technology has become more and more social attention.Side Seal Bag
     Plastic packaging is made of plastic materials, such as packaging boxes. Plastic is a synthetic or natural polymer resin as the main material. After adding a variety of additives, at a certain temperature and pressure with ductility, cooling can be fixed its shape of a class of materials.
Natural or synthetic polymer resin molecules in the melting state, and around the uniform distribution of auxiliary molecules process called plasticizing, has reached the process called has been plasticizing, has not yet reached, is considered not plasticizing. Plastic packaging is one of the four materials in the packaging industry: paper and paperboard accounted for 30%, plastic accounted for 25%, metal accounted for 25%, glass accounted for 15%.Side Seal Bag
     Printing plastic shopping bags should be uniform ink, pattern, text clear, complete, overprinter accurate, overprinter error should be less than 1mm, printing stripping rate is less than 20%. Regular use of the same color skin cream to wipe handbags, can keep the skin bright and moist, but avoid the use of liquid skin oil. 2, to the handbag to avoid the skin cream directly coated in leather, should first be applied to the fuzz or soft fur and then wipe the leather. 3, often keep the handbag dry, storage should be placed in the ventilation place. Some easily damp handbags, storage can put a little moisture beads in the bag.Side Seal Bag