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Market Status Of Plastic Shopping Bags

Sep 26, 2017

     In recent years, in the international market, many soft packaging terminal customers through mergers and other means become more intensive, more prestigious, more international large companies. Some of these multinationals have entered the Chinese market and have occupied a larger market share by virtue of their strong capital strength and advanced marketing methods. Plastic Shopping Bags

     After China's accession to the WTO, more foreign-funded enterprises and international brand-name products landed in China, the soft packaging industry's customer composition also changed. These multinational companies in the choice of flexible packaging suppliers also tend to choose their partners in the international market, which also gives domestic foreign soft packaging enterprises to bring opportunities.Plastic Shopping Bags

     In the domestic soft packaging terminal market also appeared the same trend of development, food, day and other enterprises mergers and alliances, is gradually created a group of large-scale food, daily chemical enterprises, their demand for packaging is huge. This combination and centralization of end-customers leads to greater control over soft packaging suppliers, while forcing the flexible packaging industry to change: soft packaging color Printing enterprises are forced to restructure and group restructuring to adapt to the development trend of global supply. Market positioning accurate flexible packaging enterprises have more business opportunities.Plastic Shopping Bags

    Batch variety increased, volume reduction. Soft packaging gravure printing belongs to the industrial printing, batches, batches on the cost and quality of the greater impact. At present, for the large enterprises in the terminal market, because of the increase of suppliers and the diversification of terminal consumption demand, the types and processes of flexible packaging products are more and more, but the batch is getting smaller, which means frequent short version printing and live parts conversion. The increase in the proportion of short live parts has led to a rise in costs.Plastic Shopping Bags