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Management Of The Use Of Plastic Shopping Bags

Jun 19, 2017

    Commodity retail sales of plastic shopping bags paid use management approach: the first to save resources, protect the ecological environment, and guide consumers to reduce the use of plastic shopping bags, the development of this approach. Article 2 The term "commodity retailing" as mentioned in the present Measures refers to all kinds of supermarkets, shopping malls and bazaars that provide retail services to consumers. The term "plastic shopping bag" as mentioned in the present Measures refers to a plastic bag provided by a commodity retailing place for the purchase of goods purchased by consumers. But does not include plastic retail stores for the purpose of hygiene and food safety, for the production of bulk fresh food, cooked food, pasta and other goods of plastic pre-packaging bags. Plastic Shopping Bags

   Plastic shopping bags of material and technical requirements by the relevant national standards to be standardized. Article 3 Where a commodity retailing place shall provide the plastic shopping bag to the consumer according to the present Measures Article 4 The competent department of commerce, the department in charge of price and the administrative department for industry and commerce shall, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, within the scope of their respective duties, Paid use of the business process of supervision and management. Article 5 Where a commodity retailing place has a price tag for plastic shopping bags. Article 6 The retail space of a commodity may be subject to the price of the plastic shopping bag, but shall not have the following acts: (1) selling plastic shopping bags below the operating cost; (2) indicating the price of plastic shopping without specifying the price or the content (C) to sell or sell plastic shopping bags to consumers at discounted prices or other means; (4) to provide plastic shopping bags to consumers free of charge or disguised free of charge. Article 7 The retail place of a commodity shall separately list the quantity, unit price and amount of the purchase of plastic shopping bags by the sales voucher.Plastic Shopping Bags

   In the form of a rental stall, there is a difficulty in issuing a sales voucher to the consumer market. Article 8 Where a commodity retailing place is to purchase a plastic shopping bag from a plastic shopping bag manufacturer, wholesaler or importer established in accordance with the law, a relevant license shall be obtained and a plastic shopping bag purchase and sale account shall be established for inspection. Article 9 Commodity retail establishments shall not sell plastic shopping bags that do not conform to the relevant national standards. Tenth Commodities retail places should take measures to provide consumers with shopping bags, shopping basket to facilitate shopping. Article 11 Commercial retail stores are encouraged to provide plastic shopping bag alternatives that meet the relevant quality standards and environmental requirements. Article 12 A bazaar operated in the form of a rental stall may be uniformly purchased and sold by the organizer or by the establishment of a franchise (or concurrently) plastic shopping bag business booth in the market.Plastic Shopping Bags