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Four Major Categories Of Biodegradable Bag

Jul 11, 2017

                 Degradable plastic bag is the use of plant straw and other products made to the human body and environment-friendly goods, different from the three synthetic plastic bags, abandoned, in the biological environment, the role can be decomposed, whether to human or environment harmless, belong to the green packaging.Biodegradable Bag

                 Degradable plastic bags in the market are divided into 2 kinds, one kind is partial degradable plastic bag, its appearance and the former plastic bag somewhat resemble, rub, feel a bit rustle feeling, can only degrade $number, time is very long, is now used more common, the price is close to the ordinary PE material; another kind of corn material, the color is a little light yellow, feel very soft, but there is not a lot of use, the price is very expensive, a common medium of the horse folder bag, The price is about 1.00 yuan, so it can't be accepted by the public.Biodegradable Bag

                Degradable plastics are generally divided into four main categories: Light degradable plastic: In the plastic mixed with photosensitizer, in the sunlight to gradually decompose plastic. It belongs to the earlier generation of degradable plastics, and its disadvantage is that the degradation time is unpredictable due to sunshine and climate change, thus it cannot control the degradation time. Biodegradable Plastics: A plastic that can be completely decomposed into low-molecular-weight compounds under the action of microorganisms. It is characterized by convenient storage and transportation, as long as the maintenance of dry, do not need to avoid light, wide range of applications, not only can be used for agricultural plastic film, packaging bags, but also widely used in the field of medicine. Light/biodegradation: A type of plastic that combines light degradation with microorganisms and has the characteristics of light and micro biodegradable plastics. Water-degradable Plastics: the addition of absorbent materials in plastics, after use, can be dissolved in the water, mainly used in medical and sanitary appliances (such as medical gloves), easy to destroy and disinfection treatment. With the development of modern biotechnology, biodegradable plastics are becoming more and more important, which has become a new research and development hotspot.Biodegradable Bag