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Development Trend Of Packaging Of Soft Loop Handle Bags

Oct 11, 2017

Accompanied by the constant change in people's minds and the constant updating and enhancement of commodity awareness, especially the pace of modern life fast pace. Multi-coexistence of portable packaging products so that the current dazzling array of goods (including fruits, vegetables) filled the market and the community in every corner. But also to us to create a lot of benefits, such as the goods into the bag, without bundling or packaging, can be on the line. With the time do not need to release the traditional rope, come up with the use of goods.Soft Loop Handle Bags

Such products bring the gospel to mankind, but also bring disaster of environmental pollution. But more to the packaging and printing business manufacturers to create more jobs and corporate profits. Over the past 50 years, people have been from the simple care of any decorative style of the bag to the color of the Ban Lan and with the educated figure, showing a modern high-quality civilized atmosphere.Soft Loop Handle Bags

Packaging and printing industry has lost no time in its style, decoration design on the big brains, to promote the extrusion blown tube polyethylene bag, to the multi-plastic rolling, casting and polishing or composite methods such as flexible packaging plastic portable The bag is more than a new, one more than a beauty, one more than a kind of cheap, fast, simple, clean and close to the public life, has won widespread praise, increasingly recognized by consumers, has become a packaging Industry a beautiful landscape - that is, economic industry chain.Soft Loop Handle Bags

In the process of deep burial, incineration, recycling and other laws and regulations, the market emerged low density, medium density, high density, linear low density, very low density, metallocene and supramolecular polyethylene Propylene or random copolymerized polypropylene resins are grafted and modified, and are produced by various methods such as blow molding, knitting, composite or varnish polishing with polyester, polychlorinated chlorine, polyphenylene, aluminum foil and paper Out of the portable plastic packaging products, still with its own strong features almost cover all aspects of portable goods packaging areas, and even monopolize the entire market.Soft Loop Handle Bags