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Design Of Soft Loop Handle Bags

Oct 19, 2017

It is recommended that you and the printing company or related printing company's business staff to get in touch, with the printing industry developed, I believe that the printing industry, the printing industry, the printing industry, the printing industry, Can meet your different needs for the size of the bag specially designed for bag printing.Soft Loop Handle Bags

The size of the bag printing is usually based on the size of the packaging. General handbag printing standard size three open, four open or off three. Each of which is divided into two types of positive or generous. The size of its handbag printing is composed of long × wide × high. Handbag after printing to be covered or wear rope can be formed. Handbag printing rope can be used nylon rope, cotton rope or paper rope. If the size of the bag printing, the need to strengthen the rope at the rivet to tensile strength.Soft Loop Handle Bags

Handbag printing paper can use 157g, 200g of coated paper. If you want to match with the heavier packaging, you can use 300g coated paper or more than 300g cardboard printing. Such as the use of coated paper or cardboard printing bag, the general film or sub-film to reduce its strength. In addition, white kraft paper because of its toughness, the use of environmental protection, and more and more recently used in the production of handbag printing, usually available 120g or 140g of white or yellow kraft paper, handbag after printing oil to protect the ink is not doing When the bag is dirty.Soft Loop Handle Bags

The opening bag is generally used to hold a variety of samples, materials, souvenirs, designers are designed for the production of handbags bag of choice. The size and capacity of this bag is very suitable for the installation of large 16 open samples and information, and generally do not require a very high strength. 4 open the following bag is most commonly used in a variety of cosmetics, designers often printed on the bag with the same content of the advertising graphic.Soft Loop Handle Bags