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Chemical Properties Of Plastic Shopping Bags

Sep 14, 2017

     The plastic shopping bag has become an indispensable packing bag for people's items, most of the one-off use, no longer re-use, so the appearance of shopping bags, printing, performance and other special significance, such as elegant and beautiful, printing, excellent performance, good-looking plastic bags, in addition to the convenience of goods, advertising effect can not be ignored. Most of these plastic bags are added modified Masterbatch, whitening Masterbatch, Masterbatch and so on.Plastic Shopping Bags

     Plastic lining film is an important material of moisture-proof and humidity-isolating of outer packing, because of the protective effect of outer packing on physical properties, most of the inner liner film production plant is to reduce the production cost by adding filler-modified masterbatch. This kind of lining material adds CaC03 Masterbatch generally in 10%-30%, if use talc Masterbatch, in addition to considering its mechanical properties, production costs and other factors to do comparison, appearance, luminous effect, transmittance, equipment wear is also the characteristics or advantages of talc Masterbatch.Plastic Shopping Bags

     Anti-seepage film, geomembrane (NET) is a new waterproof engineering material, anti-seepage membrane is mainly used for seepage prevention and leakage of canals, lakes and ponds. Geo-membrane (net) is a waterproof and supporting material for road slopes, embankment slopes and various large-scale projects. The range of such products is generally above 8m, the widest up to 24m, the film is also thicker, in this type of product plus the right amount (5%-15%) of the modified Masterbatch, in the reduction of production costs at the same time, can significantly improve the product impact strength and fracture strength.Plastic Shopping Bags

     The casting film is a late production in plastic film, the rapid development of new varieties, it is the use of extruder in the wider mold head extrusion flow in the calendering roll, extended cooling, flow film mainly as tablecloth, liner, raincoat, packaging film, sanitary towel and so on. Some products in the flow film are not high in mechanical properties, and the number of Masterbatch is 10%-40%, but the size of inorganic materials requires control of the 10μm, the mfr of the Masterbatch is bigger, the fluidity is good and the dispersion is even.Plastic Shopping Bags