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Biodegradable Plastics Bag

Aug 01, 2017

                  Policies and measures for the development of biodegradable plastics industry to accelerate product application research and development and industrialization at present, the performance of biodegradable plastic products can not fully meet the needs of consumers, although there are many varieties on the market at present, the mechanical and processing performance of each material itself is only one aspect of the outstanding characteristics, the comprehensive performance of such or such deficiencies, this will be a constraint on the application of the market to promote one of the bottlenecks.Biodegradable Bag

                  In the development of biodegradable plastic products, domestic enterprises should pay attention to accelerate the development of independent intellectual property rights, innovative products and uses. As a result of foreign research and development of biodegradable plastic products and production applications relatively early, has applied for many patents, so that domestic enterprises to develop new products, caused a certain technical barriers. Poly-Lactic acid patent to cite the example, in 2005, the foreign-related poly-lactic acid patent has more than 1700 items, and our open patent only 145, and more than half of them are foreign companies patent. Therefore, domestic enterprises should strengthen the development of products with independent intellectual property rights.Biodegradable Bag

                  Strengthening the research of product processing and development Secondly, at present, the strength of research on product processing in China is still weak, most enterprises will focus on the synthesis of materials, while ignoring the product processing and development, some biodegradable plastics made of food and beverage in the heat-resistant, water and mechanical strength and traditional plastic products are far apart, and this is precisely the key to the mass market of biodegradable plastics.Biodegradable Bag