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Biodegradable Bag Market And New Technology

Jul 03, 2017

     Fully biodegradable plastics are mainly made of natural polymers (such as starch, cellulose, chitin) or agricultural and sideline products by microbial fermentation or synthesis of biodegradable polymers, such as thermoplastic starch plastic, aliphatic polyester, polylactic acid, starch/polyvinyl alcohol and so on. Biodegradable plastics based on starch and other natural substances are mainly composed of the following products: Polylactic acid (PLA), poly-hydroxy-alkyl acid ester (PHA), starch plastic, bioengineering plastics, bio-General plastics (Polyolefin and polyvinyl chloride). Biodegradable plastics can be divided into completely biodegradable plastics and destructive biodegradable plastics. The destructive biodegradable plastics mainly include starch modification (or filler) polyethylene pe, polypropylene PP, PVC PVC, PS and so on.Biodegradable Bag
    The main target market of biodegradable plastics is plastic packaging film, agricultural film, disposable plastic bag and disposable plastic tableware. Compared with traditional plastic packaging materials, the cost of new degradable materials is slightly higher. However, with the increase of environmental awareness, people are willing to protect the environment and use a slightly higher price of new degradable materials, the enhancement of environmental awareness of the biodegradable new materials industry has brought great opportunities for development. With the development of China's economy, the successful hosting of the Olympic Games, the World Expo and many other large-scale events, the world Cultural heritage and National scenic spots to protect the needs of the environmental pollution caused by plastic more and more attention, all levels of government has been the management of white pollution as one of the key work.Biodegradable Bag
    Amylose has the properties of approximate fiber, it has unique application value relative to general starch, especially the function of amylose after physicochemical modification, which provides new raw material for exploiting starch in industrial production. The thin film made of amylose has good transparency, flexibility, tensile strength and water insoluble, non-toxic, non-polluting, widely used in sealing materials, packaging materials and water resistant materials. The German Battelle Research Institute has successfully improved the green pea varieties, developed a high amylose content, can be directly formed by the usual method, the resulting film transparent and soft, similar to PVC, in the water or moist soil can be completely degraded. The United States has applied for the production of straight-chain starch film patents, it can be packaged powder products, but also packaged frozen food. Because of the high resistance and strength of amylose and good water resistance, it is also used in wrinkle and adhesive industry. Amylose can be used for a variety of film and a variety of plastic strips of the manufacture. Films made with amylose have outstanding transparency, elasticity, tensile strength and water-resistance.Biodegradable Bag