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Biodegradable Bag Are Scientific

Oct 11, 2017

"Biodegradable plastics" is different from the degradation rate of only 10 to 40% of the "degradable plastic", nor "plastic masterbatch", but can set the degradation time, 100% degradation, can replace the existing new plastic Products, the use of its main raw material is a renewable component of starch and composite additives, can completely replace the non-renewable oil-based raw materials, agricultural products can solve the way out, new materials and environmental issues.Biodegradable Bag

The series of products is a single screw electromagnetic dynamic extruder granulation, at present, according to the model product pellet formula, can use blown film or casting way to produce garbage bags, bags, fresh bags, industrial packaging and plastic sheeting , Plastic film series; is expected during the year can be sheet, blister way to produce a cup, lunch box series, you can produce a way to produce life, plastic series of plastic, hollow blow molding can produce a series of containers, soft and hard foam Production of buffer packaging materials.Biodegradable Bag

In the production of end products, basically can be ordinary plastic production of general equipment. The technology is simple, easy to obtain raw materials, the production process pollution-free, in line with green, resource substitution, recycling economy and the establishment of a conservation-oriented society.Biodegradable Bag

The technology of the production of plastic products, safe non-toxic, the strength and role in the use of the same as ordinary plastic, the cost and price close to ordinary plastic, some products can even compete with the price of waste plastic recycling, with a strong price competitive advantage The PBS is the leader in biodegradable plastic materials. It is widely used in packaging, tableware, cosmetic bottles and pharmaceutical bottles, disposable medical supplies, agricultural film, pesticide and fertilizer slow release materials, biomedical polymer materials and other fields. PBS comprehensive performance, cost-effective, with a good application to promote the prospects.Biodegradable Bag

Compared with other biodegradable plastics, PBS mechanical properties is very good, close to PP and ABS plastic; heat resistance, heat distortion temperature close to 100 ℃, modified after the use of temperature can exceed 100 ℃, can be used to prepare hot and cold drink packaging and Lunch box, to overcome the other biodegradable plastic heat-resistant temperature is low shortcomings; processing performance is very good, can be in the existing plastic processing equipment for various types of general processing, is the best degradation of plastic processing performance, and can be blended A large number of calcium carbonate, starch and other fillers, to get low-cost products; PBS production can be through the existing general polyester production equipment for a slight transformation, the current domestic polyester production capacity of a serious surplus, the transformation of production of PBS for excess polyester equipment A new opportunity. another Biodegradable Bag