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Biodegradable Bag

Aug 28, 2017

                PBS is a leader in biodegradable plastic materials and is widely used in packaging, tableware, cosmetic bottles and medicine bottles, disposable medical supplies, agricultural films, pesticide and fertilizer slow-release materials, biomedical polymer materials and other fields. PBS comprehensive performance is excellent, cost-effective reasonable, with good application and promotion prospects.Biodegradable Bag

                 Compared with other biodegradable plastics, PBS has excellent mechanical properties, close to PP and ABS plastics, heat-resistant properties, thermal deformation temperature is close to 100 ℃, the modified temperature can be more than 100 ℃, can be used to prepare hot and cold drink packaging and meal boxes, it overcomes the disadvantage of low heat-resisting temperature of other biodegradable plastics, and the processing performance is very good, can be used in the existing plastic processing equipment on all types of molding processing, is currently the best degradable plastic processing performance, at the same time can be mixed with a large number of calcium carbonate, starch and other fillers, Products with low prices; PBS production through the existing general polyester production equipment slightly modified, at present, the domestic polyester equipment overcapacity, the transformation of the production of PBS for surplus polyester equipment provides a new opportunity. In addition, PBS only in the composting, water and other contact with specific microorganisms under the conditions of degradation, in the normal storage and use of the process of very stable performance. PBS with aliphatic two Yuan acid, two-yuan alcohol as the main raw materials, not only through the petrochemical products to meet the needs, but also through the cellulose, dairy byproducts, glucose, fructose, lactose and other natural renewable crop products produced by the bio-fermentation pathway, so as to achieve natural, return to the natural green cycle of production. And the raw materials produced by bio-fermentation process can greatly reduce the cost of raw materials, thus further reducing PBS costs.Biodegradable Bag

                  It is predicted that by 2010 the world's industrial scale of degradable plastics will reach about 10% of the total market share of plastic products. Therefore, as the most industrial prospect of biodegradable plastics, PBS industry development prospects will be particularly broad.Biodegradable Bag