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Application Background And Development Foreground Of Biodegradable Bag

Sep 14, 2017

    Traditional thin films play a significant role in helping crops grow and increase crop yields, but the disadvantage is that the treatment is difficult to use. After the whole crop growth period of wind and sun, the intensity of the film is reduced and all cracks into small debris residue in the soil, small debris will cause soil compaction, hinder the root development of crops and water absorption, but also with the wind drift, causing environmental pollution. Biodegradable Bag    Agricultural Plastic Film in addition to the advantages of traditional plastic film, the most important is that its use can be automatically degraded, no need to collect, at the same time, agricultural fertilizer and water demand correspondingly reduced, can carry out the next season of farming, so both can reduce white pollution, but also reduce production costs.Biodegradable Bag

     Biodegradable plastics made of food bags, packaging bags, garbage bags because of their biodegradability and great popularity. Biodegradable packaging materials are generally used to add biodegradable polymers to laminated membranes or to blend membranes directly with laminated materials. Food packaging materials and containers generally require to ensure that food does not rot, isolate oxygen and non-toxic materials.Biodegradable Bag

    The most representative of which is the Poly hydroxy butyrate (PHB) and the poly (PHV) and the copolymer (commodity name Biopol), its physical property is similar to polyethylene and polypropylene, and the thermal seal is good, the Biopol can be biodegradable or burned after use, the oxygen consumption of both is equivalent to its photosynthesis into the atmosphere of oxygen , the resulting CO2 is the total amount of CO2 absorbed by photosynthesis and can therefore be considered fully into the biological cycle.Biodegradable Bag

    Biodegradable plastics can also be used as disposable cushioning materials. According to reports, Japan and the development of the polyvinyl alcohol starch biodegradable plastic is a good buffer material, apparent density than the traditional polystyrene cushion material slightly higher.Biodegradable Bag