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Vest bags of different materials

Feb 23, 2017

Vests bags by material Po vest bags and PE vest bags; according to the printed content offset printed bags and copperplate printed bags; dividends, white background, milk white, black, yellow, green, purple, blue, Orange, spot color vest bags.

Vest bags are widely used, market, supermarket, Department store, clothing stores, shoe stores, cell phone stores to vest bags, ultimately vest bag use in daily life. Vest bags can be reused. Renewable recycling process used for the second time. Vest bags to be classified by color. Transparent high recycling value, renewable materials processing plants to 7.0 Yuan/KG recycling in General. Colored cheaper, usually 3.0/KG recovery. Low value markets that recycling of garbage bags, many of which are no longer recycled. You are a little live action, vest bags ever reduce your cost of living.