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Vest bag making method and process

Feb 23, 2017

Vest bag making process can be divided into: raw materials (PE or PO)---> blown---> color printing (offset printing or copperplate printing)---> sealing bag making---> packaging products

A, PE raw materials

PE is a plastic resin by polymerization of ethylene. It is odorless, tasteless, nontoxic, feel like wax, with excellent low temperature resistance, good chemical stability, insoluble in normal temperature and solvents, water absorption of small, excellent electrical insulation properties.


Film blowing

This a process is will making good of plastic raw materials placed to blow plastic machine in the, then using screw rod of turned dissolved pressure will its sent to to head, in head of 0.2 cm of ring in the extrusion 0.1 cm of plastic pipe, in blower of blows Xia formed plastic bags tube, then will its into wheel, extrusion which of air, pressure into most original of vest bags, then for plastic bags printing, in Beijing complex volume mechanism into plastic bags ball.

Three, color printing

Printing a variety of forms, common form of printing roller printing, intaglio printing. Roller printing, gravure printing is to blow a plastic film roll printing, mechanical printing, fast printing speed, suitable for mass production; if using intaglio printing, long (for intaglio longer) intaglio printing effect more clearly.

Four, sealing bag

Sealing is with automatic sealing and cutting machine, printed plastic bags cut drum, making sacks.

Five, packing finished products

Packaging is one of the most simple projects, simple is used to cut a plastic vest bag packaging. Packing-box and bag packaging.