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Reasons for prohibiting the use of plastic bags

Feb 23, 2017

Plastic bag brings convenience to people's lives. Without additional exploitation of natural resources to manufacturing, plastic bags can be put is also the most environmentally friendly packaging materials and plastic products, plastic bags, lightweight, durable, high plasticity, water, bacteria, cheap, can be recycled, is no other packaging products the United States today. The invention of the plastic bags for human convenience, health and life. Plastic bags has also reduced the waste of food, anti-bacteria mold nature of the protection of human health. Plastic bag brings convenience to people's lives, but long-term harm.

Plastic bag recycling value lower, except for scattered on the streets, in the process of using tourist areas, water bodies, roads and railways on both sides of Visual pollution, there are potential hazards. Plastic stable structure is not easy to be the natural microbial degradation, not isolated for a long time in a natural environment. This means that waste plastic waste recovered if not, becomes a pollutant the persistent and accumulate in the environment and can cause great harm to the environment. According to statistics, using 260 million tons of plastic a year worldwide, of which 170 million tons is a one-time use.

Large plastic bags of garbage, a great burden to the environment, and on June 1, 2008, implementation of banning free plastic bags, banning poor quality plastic bags. In order to control the growing reduction in plastic bags of garbage, reduce the environmental pollution caused by plastic bags.