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Plastic product manufacturers to strictly control the quality mark strives to upstream

Feb 23, 2017

At present, China's mould industry has developed rapidly, to mold steel quantity, quality, variety, size, performance, and put forward higher requirements. In recent years, the production of domestic mould steel, production technologies, processing equipment, quality, variety, and so have achieved greater development. With the improvement of injection mold quality requirements, States in the original cold-working die steels, hot work die steel and plastic mold steel on the basis of three categories, have developed a number of new steel grades. Mold steel to the high development of industrial products, the direction of high value-added development.

Survey shows that mold steel production in our country is growing fast in nearly 20 years, ahead of the other steel, mould steel accounts for about 80% of alloy tool steel, 2012 steel consumption in China amounted to 1 of 17 billion yuan, 2014 scale of China's steel enterprises to achieve sales revenue of 1 more than 80 billion yuan. For 7 consecutive years as the world's steel consumption in China's largest State, 23% per cent of global consumption. Although China is the world's steel-producing countries, but the gap between supply and demand reach 85 billion yuan, degree of dependence on imports for more than 50%, and most of the high-grade injection mold steel imports. The international influence of the slow economic recovery and falling economic growth, domestic die steel industry continues to show market demand is not prosperous, low steel price fluctuations, the running situation of high raw materials prices and the economic downturn. Although mold steel companies to adopt various measures to reduce costs and increase efficiency, but business conditions remained critical, high cost and low effectiveness of mould steel industry situation in the short term is difficult to be reversed. With the development of the plastics industry, plastics are increasingly popular, is now widely used in all walks of life. In recent years, due to the automotive, construction, household appliances, food and pharmaceutical industry's growing demand for plastic products, plastic injection molding technology has been gradually developed and improved.