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Hand bag regular size

Feb 23, 2017

Hand bag regular size are as follows:

Small: 20*30.5*10cm; (20 for width, 32 high, 10 for side dimensions, units in cm)

Medium: 25*43*15cm

Large: 30*48*15cm

Size: 35*53.5*16cm

Extra: 40*61*20cm

Hand bag two edges and organ size:

Organ also called two-folded dimensions. generally 8CM--15CM. representation is as follows

2 bags: 330mm (w) *450mm (h) *90mm (side)

2 bags: 280mm (w) *420mm (h) *80mm (side)

Big 3 open bag: 250mm (w) *350mm (h) *80mm (side)

3 bags: 240mm (w) *290mm (h) *80mm (side)

Thickness: 8 (1 = 0.01 mm) in the 7.5-8.5 is normal. The higher the number the more thick, 12 than 10 wire to thick, bag the thinner softer, thicker hard. commonly used thin--6 wire is 4.