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Green plastic bag to lift the human hazards

Feb 23, 2017

Plastic bag recycling value lower, except for scattered on the streets, in the process of using tourism, water, roads and railways on both sides of Visual pollution, apart from polluting the environment, but there are hazards to human. After 200 years buried in plastic bags in the soil structural stability, has not been the natural microbial decomposition, not isolated for a long time in a natural environment. If waste plastic bags directly to the soil, rivers, rather than recycling, will become permanent presence of pollutants in the environment and accumulate, will cause great harm to the environment.

Mixed waste plastics accumulated in the soil, soil and plastic bags are mixed together, not easy to break down, will affect the crop nutrients and moisture, resulting in crop production. Waste plastics landfill will not only take up a lot of land, land occupied and not long-term recovery, impact on sustainable land use. Enter the solid waste in the waste plastic products do not take treatment and landfill, in 200 years time degradation, do not rot. 200 years of endless time and several generations, if everyone is not paying attention to recycling of waste plastics, did not know plastic product so much harm to humanity. After that our descendants will after we planted lead to swallow.