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Analysis on PE bag use

Feb 23, 2017

1. the thin plastic PE bag very dirty

PE plastic bags are mostly used to ask the Super book collection of waste plastic, not sanitized in the manufacturing process, but may also be added in the production of harmful substances, cannot be used to hold food exciting. But still many people using thin plastic PE bags of food. This phenomenon in the morning market, farmers ' markets are most common. Plastic bags used for packaging foods currently on the market most of the ineligible. Some restaurant owners to buy plastic bags, money can spend one or two blocks one hundred or two hundred, and even more of it. A formal "for food use" bags 1 time times a much higher price, many are reluctant to use. In such a plastic bag of food, especially packaging made in bulk access door to eat, is small in line with food hygiene standards, would harm consumers ' health.

2. How to choose a food bag

Packed in PE plastic bags of food are accustomed to seeing things, but we cannot ignore toxic to humans, a fact that some plastics, in the selection of food packaging should pay attention to:

(1), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) wake up materials are toxic varieties. Nontoxic PVC resin, but were joined in the process of making plastic by acting agent o-dimethyl-n-butyl ester and di-n-Octyl phthalate, there are toxic. Addition, stabilizers are added in some plastic products, which add a stabilizer mainly lead stearate. Also toxic. This kind of lead salts are easily precipitated once into the body can cause accumulation of lead poisoning. So put them food with food bags, must not be misused.